‎‎26. ‎Mai ‎2020_08:18 am The fish have not [yet?] learned about things which are translucent but solid. The medium they live in is translucent but never solid in their natural environment. They try to reach the food flakes by pelting the plexi glass. It seems that they find the passages [see image ‘alternative habitation‘] only Continue reading

bad luck

2point is not recovering. I fear that he will be the next fish at the cemetery. However, he still has an appetite. Yesterday I was in a pet shop and asked for advice. According to the owner, it is not the cyanobacteria that caused the poisoning. Just something like bad luck. He also did not Continue reading

neurotoxicity ?

‎26.05.20_07:53 am hook is dead. His death was not unexpected. This morning I found him on the bottom of the fish tank. As mentioned before, he was swaying. The swaying worsened the last days, and it was sad to watch him in this condition. “Motor incoordination: A general loss of normal coordination of body movements Continue reading


‎Vienna_21.05.20_01:05 pm I am training myself to distinguish individual fish. The fish on the image is a female, I call her mdm [madame]. It’s not that easy to catch a fish. It seems that mdm got slightly injured when I tried to catch her {see arrow]. It turned out later that the presumed injury probably Continue reading


Vienna_20.05.20_04:40 pm The day before I started to transfer the fish into another tank. The bowl served as an interstation. It is filled with a mixture of water from the initial aquarium and the new one to minimize the shock of altered water conditions. If you look closely, you will see that one of the Continue reading

no lasting success

According to the manufacturer’s recommendation, the preparation* should be applied over the course of 5 consecutive days and then, as a preventive measure, once a week. At first the treatment with the preparation was quite successful, but then the cyanobacteria developed splendidly again. I decided that the only way to solve the problem was to Continue reading

blue exit

Blue Exit on my desk_10.05.20 I don’t know exactly when the cyanobacteria infestation began. In the laboratory journal I mentioned them for the first time on April 3, 2020. They became a serious nuisance and I spent a lot of time curbing their proliferation. In an aquarium shop, the above preparation was recommended to me Continue reading

housing situation

Vienna:05.05.2020_aquariums in my living room “These findings show how commonly used housing situations may affect the wellbeing of laboratory zebrafish.” Keck VA, Edgerton DS, Hajizadeh S, et al. Effects of Habitat Complexity on Pair-Housed Zebrafish. J Am Assoc Lab Anim Sci. 2015;54(4):378‐383.


At the beginning the aquarium was situated on the floor on a mobile platform. That turned out to be impractical and I built rack to raise it. But I could always see it from my desk, so that I can watch it from there at any time. Subjekte leben in einer subjektiven Wirklichkeit. Diese stellt Continue reading

a letter

envelope of the letter to Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard There is a zebrafish facility in Tübingen/Germany [the town were I come from]. Once, it was in spring 2019, I went there and happened to meet a staff member. When I described my project to him and asked if it was possible to get access to the fish Continue reading