‎‎26. ‎Mai ‎2020_08:18 am The fish have not [yet?] learned about things which are translucent but solid. The medium they live in is translucent but never solid in their natural environment. They try to reach the food flakes by pelting the plexi glass. It seems that they find the passages [see image ‘alternative habitation‘] only Continue reading

housing situation

Vienna:05.05.2020_aquariums in my living room “These findings show how commonly used housing situations may affect the wellbeing of laboratory zebrafish.” Keck VA, Edgerton DS, Hajizadeh S, et al. Effects of Habitat Complexity on Pair-Housed Zebrafish. J Am Assoc Lab Anim Sci. 2015;54(4):378‐383.


I wanted to train the fish to swim through a tube and started with a short piece 60 mm long, 35 mm in diameter. They showed no particular interest. Only when I charged it with mosquito larvae they passed through. Each animal faces a small number of objects within its living environment with which it Continue reading

5 fish

Vienna_18.01.19 I pur-chased 5 fish on a Friday, 18.01.19. Earlier I have furnished a 54 l fish tank* with gravels and aquatic plants. Two weeks later the fish moved in. *an all-in-all aquarium with filter system, heating and illumination. The heating broke quickly. I had to get a new one.