hidden in the Java fern

‎11.07.20_‏‎11:42 am I couldn’t see 2point this morning. I searched with a bamboo stick between the plants and scanned the entire aquarium. No 2point. A miracle and a bad feeling, I don’t want to have a corpse in the tank. Found him around noon, dead, hidden in the Java fern [Microsorum pteropus ‘Trident’].

brine shrimp

Artemia populations are found in about 500 natural salt lakes and man-made salterns scattered throughout the tropical, subtropical and temperate climatic zones, along coastlines as well as inland. Among the live diets used in the larviculture of fish and shellfish, nauplii of the brine shrimp Artemia constitute the most widely used food item. Annually, over Continue reading

visiting card

visiting cards I quickly designed and printed a card. The weather was bad the next day. Even so, two people were sitting outside. I gave the assistant the business card I just designed and a catalog, and we agreed that I would send a more detailed description of my intentions.

nice conversation

Tübingen_01.07.20_12:55 pm I’ve been at the Tübingen fish facility and met some people there who had their lunch break outside. I expressed my interest in spending some time in the fish facility and explained the reasons why. I didn’t have a visiting card at the time, so I announced my return the next day (with Continue reading

reason to hope

Vienna_‎24.06.20_04:22 pm longfin still worries me as well. He now has wounds on both sides and looks a bit mangy. He used to be the most splendid looking fish among the fish in my aquarium. I hope he will survive. There is reason to hope, as it seems that mdm, who has had similar symptoms, Continue reading

laboratory environment

Number of laboratories in the top 25 productive countries (according to their number of publications). Illustration produced from the data of Kinth et al., Mapping of zebrafish research: a global outlook, 2013 Zebrafish based research is performed in numerous countries of the world, but there is a focus on Europe, the US and Canada, China, Continue reading

natural environment

film still from: Wild zebrafish in India Jutfelt Lab: Wild zebrafish filmed in their natural habitat in northern West Bengal in India. The natural range of the zebrafish is centred around the Ganges and Brahmaputra river basins in north-eastern India, Bangladesh and Nepal.They have typically been described as inhabiting slow-moving or standing water bodies, the Continue reading

anatomy & diagnosis

[1] gills [2] swim bladder [3] Weberian ossicles [4] ears [5] heart [6] brain [7] liver [8] stomach and intestine [9] kidney [10] spleen [11] gall bladder img from:https://www.anglingtimes.co.uk/advice/science/articles/inside-a-fish I read about fish diseases and found something called “Fish Hole In The Head Disease”or hexamitosis, respectively hexamitiasis. Hexamitiasis is a parasitic disease that can affect Continue reading