on the trails

‎11.10.20_04:45 pm On the trails of 1point at different dates and times. Remark: In February and March the fish were in another aquarium with no separate compartment. (compare housing situation and serious tracking) 3:03 min tracking (with the camera) at 32 x speed + selected moments in different speeds.

serious tracking

‎Vienna_11.10.20_ 04:38 pm The fish seem to have their own typical movement patterns. These patterns can also depend on the time of day (see movement patterns of forc and 1point below). As you can see in the picture above, there is a separate but accessible compartment in the aquarium. Only two fish entered the separated Continue reading

tracing exercise

03.06.19 tracking a fish 3 min Since animals continually evaluate their constantly changing environments and re-adjust their priorities accordingly through real-time actions, their natural movement trajectories are complex and stochastic rather than deterministic [ . . . ]. Deakin AG, Spencer JW, Cossins AR, Young IS, Sneddon LU. Welfare Challenges Influence the Complexity of Movement: Continue reading