Vienna 15.09.20_04:01pm

In the pet shop zebrafish are kept in community with other fish species. One could als say that they coexist. I watched them for while to see if they interact with each other and asked the shop owner if they do. They don’t. It seems like they don’t exist for each other.

Siamese algae eaterGyrinocheilus aymonieriSoutheast Asialarge rivers, occasionally flooded fields
Ornate tetraHyphessobrycon bentosiAmazon Basin (Brazil, Peru)sluggish tributaries
Panda garraGarra flavatrawestern Myanmar (endemic)shallow section of the stream, pools containing clear, slow-moving water
Paradise fishMacropodus opercularisEast Asia (Korea to northern Vietnam)shallow water with dense vegetation, (marsh, rice field)
Black tetraGymnocorymbus ternetzisouth-central Brazil, Paraguay, northeast Argentinaa preference for small, slow moving creeks, streams, and tributaries that are well shaded from the forest canopy
cockatoo dwarf cichlidApistogramma cacatuoidesAmazon River basinsmall shallow streams or lagoon-like waters in the rain forest
fish living in community with zebrafish in the aquarium of a pet shop and where they originaly come from

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