common environment

At the beginning the aquarium was situated on the floor on a mobile platform. That turned out to be impractical and I built rack to raise it. But I could always see it from my desk, so that I can watch it from there at any time.

Subjekte leben in einer subjektiven Wirklichkeit. Diese stellt ihre Umwelt dar, mit der sie quasi eins sind.
Jede Umwelt bildet eine Einheit, die in all ihren Teilen durch die Bedeutung für das Subjekt charakterisiert ist.

Subjects live in a subjective reality. This represents their environment (Umwelt) with which they are virtually one.
Every Umwelt forms a unit, which in all its parts is characterized by its meaning for the subject.

adapted from: Streifzüge durch die Umwelten von Tieren und Menschen. Bedeutungslehre. Hamburg: Rowohlt (mit Portmann, A.), 1956. pp 93, 106

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