visiting card

visiting cards I quickly designed and printed a card. The weather was bad the next day. Even so, two people were sitting outside. I gave the assistant the business card I just designed and a catalog, and I promised that I would send a more detailed description of my intentions.

nice conversation

Tübingen_01.07.20_12:55 pm I’ve been at the Tübingen fish facility and met some people there who had their lunch break outside. I expressed my interest in spending some time in the fish facility and explained the reasons why. I didn’t have a visiting card at the time, so I announced my return the next day (with Continue reading

a letter

envelope of the letter to Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard There is a zebrafish facility in Tübingen/Germany [the town were I come from]. Once, it was in spring 2019, I went there and happened to meet a staff member. When I described my project to him and asked if it was possible to get access to the fish Continue reading