Vienna_16.10.20 [Dusky Nerite / Neritina pulligera???] At 7.10.20 I went to the pet shop to have a chat. I came back with three snails [one red-rimmed melania (Melanoides tuberculata) and two Dusky Nerits (Neritina pulligera), four little Yamato shrimps (Caridina multidentata), a plant called spade-leaf sword (Echinodorus cordifolius), and a spherical alga called Marimo moss Continue reading


I bought new fish food the other day. It is not as colourful as the old one and I smell a little more herbaceous notes, a little more freshness. But I am even not sure if I could distinguish both in a blind test. I will try that later. First impression: the fish spit out Continue reading