serious tracking

‎Vienna_11.10.20_ 04:38 pm The fish seem to have their own typical movement patterns. These patterns can also depend on the time of day (see movement patterns of forc and 1point below). As you can see in the picture above, there is a separate but accessible compartment in the aquarium. Only two fish entered the separated Continue reading

meaningful signals

I used a lamellophone, pressed it on the glass of the aquarium and played. The fish responded, but their response was equivocal. I felt that a demonstration that fish could learn to categorize stimuli as complex as music, according to a criterion as unnatural as musical genre, not only would show that they extract meaningful Continue reading

anatomy & diagnosis

[1] gills [2] swim bladder [3] Weberian ossicles [4] ears [5] heart [6] brain [7] liver [8] stomach and intestine [9] kidney [10] spleen [11] gall bladder img from: I read about fish diseases and found something called “Fish Hole In The Head Disease”or hexamitosis, respectively hexamitiasis. Hexamitiasis is a parasitic disease that can affect Continue reading


‎2. ‎Juni ‎2020, ‏‎01:06 pm [john dow] In the labs fish are fed with different food. Sometimes it is commercial fish food, sometimes they bred food for the fish. I will investigate on that. I remember a funny detail. In one source it was told that the zebra fish in the fish facility in Tübingen Continue reading