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In the labs fish are fed with different food. Sometimes it is commercial fish food, sometimes they bred food for the fish. I will investigate on that.

I remember a funny detail. In one source it was told that the zebra fish in the fish facility in Tübingen were fed with Drosophila larvae. So one model organism, was fed with another one. Last year I passed by at the Tübingen fish facility and had the opportunity to talk with a staff member. I mentioned this funny detail but learned that don’t feed Drosphila anymore. As I remember they then had switched to Artemia to feed the fish.

I fed the fish at my home usually with commercial food flakes which I got from the owner of the pet shop more than one year ago. Recently I noticed that the fish don’t appreciate the food flakes anymore. They put them in their mouth spit them out, try them again and repeat this procedure. Sometimes they don’t swallow them in the end. Could it be that the food flakes are too old and not palatable anymore?

I will get new fish food.

Wenn Sie schon einmal Fische im Aquarium beobachtet haben, haben Sie vielleicht gesehen, wie sie manchmal ein Bröckchen mehrmals ins Maul nehmen und wieder ausspucken, ehe es sie entweder verschlucken oder verschmähen. Ähnlich wie bei Menschen eines Kulturkreises variieren die allgemeinen Geschmacksvorlieben nur wenig innerhalb einer Fischart oder innerhalb unterschiedlicher Populationen derselben Spezies. Doch für individuelle Vorlieben gilt das nicht. [ . . . ]
In Studien mit Regenbogenforellen und Karpfen hat man festgestellt, dass es auch unter ihnen nicht weniger pingelige Esser gibt [als unter Menschen].

If you have ever observed fish in the aquarium, you may have seen them sometimes take a crumb in their mouth and spit it out several times before they either swallow or spurn it. Similar to people from a cultural group, the general taste preferences vary only slightly within a fish species or within different populations of the same species. But this does not apply to individual preferences. [ . . . ]
Studies with rainbow trout and carp have shown that there are no less fussy eaters among them [than among humans].

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