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Vienna 24.06.20_04:00 pm

When I got home last night, 2point was floating on the surface. I was sure that he was dead; but he wasn’t. He shot away as I approached him. This afternoon [see picture above] I was again sure that he was dead. I couldn’t see an eye movement nor any other movement [see: tough fish/video 07.06.20]. I thought that he has chosen a good time since I will not be home for a few days and have asked a neighbor to take care of the fish during my absence. I am not so enthusiastic about the prospect of leaving the task of fishing a dead fish out of the aquarium to the neighbor.

But again I was wrong, 2point is still alive. Again he shot away when I approached. He also is still eating. It always takes a while for him to discover that there is food, but when he does, he seems to be eating with enthusiasm.

Someone who still likes to eat is not yet ready to die.

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