reason to hope

Vienna_‎24.06.20_04:22 pm longfin still worries me as well. He now has wounds on both sides and looks a bit mangy. He used to be the most splendid looking fish among the fish in my aquarium. I hope he will survive. There is reason to hope, as it seems that mdm, who has had similar symptoms, Continue reading

repetitive behavior

longfin has wounds similar to mdm. I still cannot say for sure whether they were caused internally or externally. He shows repetitive behavior, spends most of the time on the right side of the aquarium, hovers for a while in the same place, does a little tour and returns to the location to stand still Continue reading


‎2. ‎Juni ‎2020, ‏‎01:06 pm [john dow] In the labs fish are fed with different food. Sometimes it is commercial fish food, sometimes they bred food for the fish. I will investigate on that. I remember a funny detail. In one source it was told that the zebra fish in the fish facility in Tübingen Continue reading

personal preferences

The observed preferences are not stable and only valid for a period of a few days. ▲ 1point prefarably loiters in the separated ‘food chamber’ mainly close to the bottom. He has this habit since about one week. ▲ For a couple of days bent also had a preference for the right side of the Continue reading

neurotoxicity ?

‎26.05.20_07:53 am hook is dead. His death was not unexpected. This morning I found him on the bottom of the fish tank. As mentioned before, he was swaying. The swaying worsened the last days, and it was sad to watch him in this condition. “Motor incoordination: A general loss of normal coordination of body movements Continue reading


‎Vienna_21.05.20_01:05 pm I am training myself to distinguish individual fish. The fish on the image is a female, I call her mdm [madame]. It’s not that easy to catch a fish. It seems that mdm got slightly injured when I tried to catch her {see arrow]. It turned out later that the presumed injury probably Continue reading